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Our vision is for all communities to effectively use hydrologic information and warnings to protect lives, property, and the environment.

Our mission is to provide education, training, and standards for the generation, delivery, and use of timely reliable hydrologic information."
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Thursday Detailed Agenda (May 21, 2009)

--subject to change--

Full papers are linked to author's name



              6:30 am    to      8:00 am    Breakfast (Colorado Ballroom)


              7:00 am    to      5:00 pm    Registration (at registration desk)


              8:00 am    to      3:45 pm    Exhibition Open (Salon A/B/C/D/E)


           8:00 am    to      5:00 pm    Corps of Engineers Data Acquisition meeting (Sun Down)

                                                          Hosted by Rich Engstrom


           8:00 am    to      9:30 am    Concurrent Session 11:  Exploring New Partnerships--Working

                                                          Together Towards Common Goals, Part II (Salon F)

                                                          Moderator:  Dan Miller

                                                                            James Porter-"The Operations Support Tool:  A New Frontier of

                                                                                    Monitoring, Modeling, Collaboration, and Action in the New

                                                                                    York City Water Supply"

                                                                            Moon Kim-"Flood Inundation Mapping in Indiana: A Mulit-

                                                                Partner Approach to Creating Flood Inundation Mapping"

                                                                             Gene Stallings-"Fifty Years and Counting"


           8:00 am    to     09:30 am    Concurrent Session 12:  Navigating the Technology Frontiers--Acoustic

                                                          and Cellular Approaches  (Salon G/H)

                                                          Moderator:  Tony Gotvald

                                                                        Dongsu Kim-"Fast Mapping of River and Lake Bed Shape Using

                                                                                Geo-referenced Bathymetry Measurements Acquired by SonTek's

                                                                                 9-beam ADCP"

                                                                        John Sloat-"A Comparison of Different ADP Track and Depth

                                                                                References Used in Open Channel Irrigation Discharge


                                                                        June Wolfe-"Flood Warning System uses Modbus Water Level

                                                                                 Sensors and GSM Cellular Modems to Protect Soldiers and



           8:00 am    to     09:30 am    Concurrent Session 13:  Braving the Communications Wilderness--Flood

                                                          Stories, Part II  (Salon I/J)

                                                          Moderator:  Michael Kane

                                                                        Scott Morlock-"Collaboration and Communications During Indiana's

                                                                                "Year of Floods"

                                                                        John Lewis-"The Arkansas Flood Events of March/April 2008"

                                                                        Marie Peppler-"Mapping and Documenting the Flood of June 2008

                                                                                in Southern Wisconsin"


           8:00 am    to     09:30 am    Concurrent Session 14:  Navigating the Technology Frontiers--

                                                                            Precipitation Forecasting Techniques, Part II  (Game Creek)

                                                          Moderator:  Steve Fitzgerald, NHWC Director

                                                                        Nathan Clements-"The Temporal Distribution of Precipitation in

                                                                                Extreme Precipitation Events in the Western United States"

                                                                         David Curtis-"Design Storm Development for Colorado Springs"

                                                                        Ken Howard-"Improving Quantitative Precipitation Estimates for

                                                                                Flood Warnings at the National Severe Storms Laboratory"


           8:00 am    to     09:30 am    Concurrent Session 15:  New Hydrologic Warning Horizons--New

                                                          Direction for ALERT  (Blue Sky)

                                                          Moderator:  Ilse Gayl, NHWC Director

                                                                        Don Van Wie -"ALERT-2 Field Trials"

                                                                        Chris Roark-"ALERT-2 Roadmap:  Hardware, Physical Layer,


                                                                        David Leader-"Developing an Easy Access User Interface for San

                                                                                Bernadino County's Public Web Server"


             9:30 am    to    10:00 am    BREAK (Salon A/B/C/D/E)


         10:00 am    to    10:30 am    NHWC Education & Outreach Panel Discussion (Salon F)

                                                                                 With door prizes!!

                                                                            Moderators:  Chris Crompton & Glenn Austin


         10:30 am    to    12:00 pm     Concurrent Session 16: Exploring New Partnerships--Program

                                                          Analysis and Effectivenes  (Salon F)

                                                          Moderator:  Suzanne Van Cooten

                                                                         Mike Norris-"Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Multi-Purpose

                                                                                 Streamgage Networks"

                                                                         David Schwertz-"Improved Hydrologic Services in the National

                                                                                 Weather Service"

                                                                         David Fisher-"An Overview of the BIA Early Warning System

                                                                                 Program and National Monitoring Center"


         10:30 am    to    12:00 pm    Concurrent Session 17: Navigating the Technology Frontiers--New Ways

                                                          to Communicate Critical Data  (Salon G/H)

                                                          Moderator:  Joel Lanier

                                                                         Ken Zweig-"New Initiatives for Communicating Flood Information

                                                                                in King County, Washington"

                                                                         Chad Kudym-"Using Google Maps for Dynamic Presentation of

                                                                                Radar and Gauge Data"

                                                                         Xiadong Jian-"WaterWatch:  A Map-Based Interface to Depict and

                                                                                Quantify Hydrologic Hazards"


         10:30 am    to    12:00 pm    Concurrent Session 18:  Braving the Communications Wilderness--

                                                          Reservoir Operations and Water Management  (Salon I/J)

                                                          Moderator:  Chris Smith

                                                                          Randall Harvey-"ACT/ACF River Basins Reservoir Operations

                                                             During the 2006-2009 Drought in the Southeast United States"

                                                       Ernie Wells-"National Weather Service's Flash Flood Program and

                                                                                 Dambreak Coordination"

                                                                        William Charley-"HEC-RTS (Real-Time Simulation) Version 2 for

                                                                               Real-Time Flood Forecasting and Water Control"


         10:30 am    to    12:00 pm    Concurrent Session 19:  New Hydrologic Warning Horizons--Water

                                                          Quality Warning Systems  (Game Creek)

                                                          Moderator:  Rand Allan, NHWC Secretary

                                                                          Eric Strom-"The Cooper River Salinity Alert Network--25 Years of

                                                                                Real-Time Monitoring"

                                                                          Rob Mooney-"Tidally-Influenced New Orleans Canal Network

                                                                                Benefits from Accurate Water Level, Conductivity, and

                                                                                Temperature Data"

                                                                          Paul Ankcorn-"Analysis of Quality-Assurance and Quality-Control

                                                                                 Procedures for an Urban Water-Quality Monitoring Program,

                                                                                 Gwinnett County, Georgia"


         10:30 am    to    12:00 pm    Concurrent Session 20:  New Hydrologic Warning Horizons--Protecting

                                                          Life and Quality of Life  (Blue Sky)

                                                          Moderator:  Marian Baker, NHWC Director

                                                                        Enrica Caporali-"Integrating Modeling of Extreme Events with Risk

                                                                                Perception of Natural Hazards"

                                                                        Chris Crompton-"Hydrologic Data Needs in the Aftermath of the

                                                                                2007 Santiago Fire in Orange County, California"

                                                                        Baxter Vieux-"Physics-based Hydrologic Modeling for Flash Flood




            12:00 pm    to      1:15 pm    LUNCH (Colorado Ballroom)

                                                           Moderator:  Kevin Stewart, NHWC President





"Strategic Planning for Better Decisions"


Jack Hayes, Director, National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration,

National Weather Service, Silver Springs, Maryland



                1:15 pm    to    1:45 am    NHWC Business Meeting (Colorado Ballroom)

                                                                            With door prizes!! 


            2:00 pm   to     5:00 pm    ASFPM CFM Certification Exam--additional fee required 

                                                          (Board Room)

                                                          Hosted by Berry Williams, Inc. & sanctioned by ASFPM


            2:00 pm   to     3:30 pm    Concurrent Session 21:  Exploring New Partnerships--Working Together

                                                           Towards Common Goals, Part III (Salon F)

                                                           Moderator:  George Wilkins, NHWC Director

                                                                        Arthur Armour-"USACE Northwestern Division Establishes New

                                                                                Water Management Data Systems"

                                                                        Suzanne Van Cooten-"Project CI-FLOW:  Tracking the Raindrop

                                                                                from the Sky to the Summit to the Sea"

                                                                        Lisa Holts-"Colorado Basin River Forecast Center Operations"


            2:00 pm   to     3:30 pm    Concurrent Session 22:  Navigating the Technological Frontiers--Data

                                                           Analysis & Modeling Techniques, Part II  (Salon G/H)

                                                          Moderator:  Rob Nelson

                                                                        Michael Schaffner-"A Distributed Flash Flood Forecasting Rainfall-

                                                                                Runoff Model Applied to Fast-Responding Watersheds in the

                                                                                Eastern United States"

                                                                        Beth Clarke-"Verification of Floodplain Deliniation Hydrologic and

                                                                                Hydraulic Models Using Radar-Derived Rainfall Grids with the

                                                                                FLO-2D Model"

                                                       Anthony Gotvald-"Estimating the Magnitude and Frequency of

                                                            Floods in Rural Basins of Georgia, South Carolina, and

                                                            North Carolina"


            2:00 pm   to     3:30 pm    Concurrent Session 23:  Braving the Communications Wilderness--Flood

                                                          Inundation Mapping  (Salon I/J)

                                                          Moderator:  John Joiner

                                                                        Doug Marcy-"National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's

                                                                                Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) Flood

                                                                                Inundation Mapping Challenges"

                                                                        Joseph Jones-"Near-Real-Time Simulation and Internet-Based

                                                                                Delivery of Forecast-Flood Inundation Maps Using Two-

                                                                                Dimensional Hydraulic Modeling:  A Pilot Study for the

                                                                                Snoqualmie River, Washington"

                                                                        Michael Crenshaw-"Leveraging FEMA Map Modernization Models

                                                                                for Use in a Flood Forecasting System"


            2:00 pm   to     3:30 pm    Concurrent Session 24:  New Hydrologic Warning Direction--Changing

                                                          Lives, Saving Lives  (Game Creek)

                                                          Moderator:  Mark Svoboda

                                                                        Michael Smith-"Miracle' at Greensburg:  A Look at How Weather

                                                                                Science and Technology is Saving Lives"

                                                                        Isabelle Ruin - "From Daily  to Crisis Activities:  Monitoring Travel

                                                            Patterns in Response to Extreme Weather Stresses"

                                                                        Kevin Stewart-"AHPS-Adapting a Familiar Hydrologic Service to

                                                                                ALERT Systems"


            2:00 pm   to     3:30 pm    Concurrent Session 25:  Exploring New Partnerships--Flood Warning

                                                          System Success Stories, Part II (Blue Sky)

                                                          Moderator:  Rand Allan, NHWC Secretary

                                                                        Brian Iserman-"Greenlee County ALERT System"

                                                                        Michael Kane-"Flash-Flood Warning for the Upper Sutlej River

                                                                                Basin in Northern India"

                                                                        Ryan Kilgren-"San Diego County FLOODWATCH:  An

                                                                                Application in Real-Time Flood Forecasting for Decision Support"


               3:30 pm    to     3:45 pm    BREAK (Salon A/B/C/D/E)


           3:45 pm    to     6:00 pm    Exhibition Hall closed for tear-down


           3:45 pm    to     5:15 pm    Concurrent Session 26:  Navigating the Technological Frontiers--GOES

                                                          Applications for Hydrologic Warning  (Salon F)

                                                          Moderator:  Kay Metcalf

                                                                        Duane Preble-"GOES Data Collection and Applicability for Real-

                                                                                Time Hydro-Met Operations"

                                                                        John Shelton-"Implementation of a New Flood Warning System:

                                                                                Columbia, South Carolina"

                                                                        George Arcement-"Hardeing Tidal Gages Improves Hurricane

                                                                                Preparation and Warning in the Northern Gulf of Mexico"


           3:45 pm    to     5:15 pm    Concurrent Session 27:  Navigating the Technological Frontiers--Data

                                                          Analysis & Modeling Techniques, Part III  (Salon G/H)

                                                          Moderator:  Glenn Austin, NHWC Executive Director

                                                                        Jason Needham-"Estimating Flood-Induced Consequences with


                                                                        Edward Clark-"Frequency Surface Response-Supporting Flash Flood

                                                                                Warning Decision Making"

                                                                        Kevin Stamm-"Hydrologic Simulations of Historic, Transposed

                                                                                Storms over Cherry Creek Basin in Colorado"


           3:45 pm    to     5:15 pm    Concurrent Session 28:  Braving the Communications Wilderness--New

                                                          Ideas for Public Outreach  (Salon I/J)

                                                          Moderator:  Paul Ankcorn

                                                                        Andrew Knaak-"Hydrologic Streamflow Conditions for

                                                            Georgia, 2007"

                                                                        Jeff Colton-"National Weather Service Hydrologic Services: 

                                                                                Providing Information for Flood Preparedness, Drought

                                                                                Mitigation and Water Resources Management on the Western

                                                                                Slope of Colorado"

                                                                        Todd Hamill-"Innovative Outreach from the Southeast River

                                                                                Forecast Center"


           3:45 pm    to     5:15 pm    Concurrent Session 29:  New Hydrologic Warning Direction--Adapting

                                                          Existing Technologies for New Threats  (Game Creek)

                                                          Moderator:  Timothy Pojunas

                                                                        Brian Iserman-"Lakes ALERT System"

                                                                        Jeff Conaway-"Collection and Distribution of Real-Time Streambed

                                                                                Scour Monitoring Data from Bridges in Alaska"

                                                                        Mike McMahon-"Flood Warning Systems with Multiple Flood

                                                                                Warning Scenarios Fairfax County, Virginia"


           3:45 pm    to     5:15 pm    Concurrent Session 30:  Navigating the Technological Frontiers--

                                                          Precipitation Forecasting Techniques, Part III  (Blue Sky)

                                                          Moderator:  Joel Lanier

                                                                      Pedro Fernandez-"Use of Radar and ALERT Data for the

                                                                            Characterization of Convective Cells for the Calibration

                                                                            of a Storm Model"

                                                                      Beth Clarke-"Use of Blended Numerical Weather Prediction Models

                                                                           and Radar Nowcasts for Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting"

                                                                      Gregory Story-"The Rio Grande Flooding of Late Summer 2008:

                                                                           Challenges Faced by the HAS Forecasters at the NWS West

                                                                           Gulf River Forecast Center"


           6:00 pm    to     9:00 pm    NHWC Awards Banquet (Colorado Ballroom)

                                                                        With Grand Door Prizes!! 

                                                           Wine sponsored by Water & Earth Technologies


                                                                        Featuring the music of Roy Bloomfield, guitarist who has played with

                                                                        with Bo Diddley and many others.



           9:00 pm    to   12:00 pm    Hospitality Suite Open

                                                                            Sponsored by Hydrolynx, Inc.










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