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Our vision is for all communities to effectively use hydrologic information and warnings to protect lives, property, and the environment.

Our mission is to provide education, training, and standards for the generation, delivery, and use of timely reliable hydrologic information."

Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: 2009 NHWC Conference
When: Monday, May 18, 2009 to Thursday, May 21, 2009

Name Type
Rand Allan Member
Charles Allen NESDIS attendee
Charles Allen NESDIS attendee
Steve Anders Member-Guest
Tasha Anders Non-Member--Guest
Paul Ankcorn Member-Guest
George Arcement Jr. Member-Guest
Peter Arpin Non-Member
Brian Ashe Member-Guest
Vincent Auriemma Non-Member
Glenn Austin Member
Gary Baker Member-Guest
Marian Baker Non-Member
Roberta Ball NESDIS attendee
Michael Barfield NESDIS attendee
Cheryl Barks Non-Member--Guest
Shane Barks Member
Clark Barlow Non-Member
Ray Barnes NESDIS attendee
Philip Bartlett NESDIS attendee
Christel Bayer Member-Guest
Steve Bays Member-Guest
Dale Beardsley Non-Member
Sarah Belshsaw Non-Member
Kimberly Blair Member
Robert Blanchard Member
Fred Bloom Non-Member
Larry Bohman Member
Larry Bohman Non-Member--Guest
John Bradley Member-Guest
Debra Braun NESDIS attendee
Mike Brewer Non-Member
Myron Brooks Member-Guest
Michael Brown Non-Member
Perry Bruce Non-Member
Perry Bruce NESDIS attendee
Steve Buan Member-Guest
John Budlong Non-Member
Tom Burnet Member-Guest
Mark Bushnell NESDIS attendee
Enrica CAPORALI Non-Member
John Castorina Member
James Chapman Non-Member
William Charley Non-Member
Edward Clark Member-Guest
Steven Clark Member
Beth Clarke Member-Guest
Nathan Clements Member-Guest
Donald Cline Member-Guest
Timothy Cohn Member-Guest
Don Colton Non-Member
Jeff Conaway Non-Member
Michael Crenshaw Member
Chris Crompton Member
Benjamin Culver Member-Guest
David Curtis Member-Guest
Tom Davies Member
Veronica Davis Single Day - Member
Phil DeArcos NESDIS attendee
Thomas Donaldson Member-Guest
Thomas Donaldson Non-Member--Guest
Natalia Donoho Non-Member
Jeff East Non-Member
Mike Eilts Member-Guest
Garth Englund Non-Member
Richard Engstrom NESDIS attendee
Mark Evans NESDIS attendee
Ross Farrell NESDIS attendee
Pedro Fernandez Member-Guest
Rick Fielder Member-Guest
David Fisher Member-Guest
Steve Fitzgerald Member-Guest
Kathleen Flynn Member-Guest
David Ford Member-Guest
Kent Frantz Member-Guest
Janice Fulford Non-Member
Michael Gabaldon Single Day - Member
Roger Gaines NESDIS attendee
Bo Garner Non-Member
Nefi Garza Non-Member
Ilse Gayl Member
Kim Gilbert NESDIS attendee
Anthony Gotvald Member-Guest
Thomas Graziano Member-Guest
Eve Gruntfest Member-Guest
Karen Guglielmone Non-Member
Steve Gustafson Member
Frank Gutierrez Member-Guest
Todd Hamill Non-Member
Peggy Hartman Non-Member--Guest
Randall Harvey Non-Member
Todd Hatcher Non-Member--Guest
Todd Hatcher Member-Guest
Jack Hayes Non-Member
David Haynes Member
James Heil NESDIS attendee
Scott Henderson NESDIS attendee
Anthony Henry Member
John Henz Member-Guest
David Herlong Non-Member
Greg Hobbs Single Day - Member
Scott Holder Member-Guest
Scott Holder Non-Member--Guest
Russell Holeman NESDIS attendee
Victor Hom Member-Guest
Kevin Houck Non-Member
Carrie Huitger Non-Member
Douglas Hultstrand Non-Member--Guest
Douglas Hultstrand Student Member
Treste Huse Non-Member
David Illing NESDIS attendee
Brian Iserman Member
DeNa Iserman Member--Colleague
Kenneth Jackson Non-Member
Courtney Jalbert Member
Tim Jeppsen Member
Xiaodong Jian Non-Member
Jason Joh Non-Member
Shawn Johnson Member
John Joiner Member
Janis Jones Non-Member
Joseph Jones Non-Member
Quinn Jones Non-Member
Lex Kamstra Member-Guest
Michael Kane Member
William Kappel Member
Eric Keith Member
Eric Keith Non-Member
Kevin Kelleher Non-Member
Walter Kellum Non-Member
Todd Kelly Non-Member
Richard Kessler Single Day - Member
Ryan Kilgren Single Day - Member
Ryan Kilgren Single Day - Member
Dongsu Kim Single Day - Member
Moon Kim Non-Member
Robert Kimbrough Non-Member
James Kircher Non-Member
andrew knaak Member-Guest
Phyllis Kohl Non-Member
James Kolva Member
Chad Kudym Member
Frank Kugel Member
James LaDue Single Day - Member
Jacob LaFontaine Member
David Lairson Member
Jason Lambrecht Non-Member
Richard Lanier Member-Guest
Bryon Lawrence Non-Member
Jay Lawrimore NESDIS attendee
David Leader Member
John Lewis Member-Guest
Long Li Non-Member
Jeff Lindner Member-Guest
Lillie lindner Non-Member--Guest
Chris Lochra Member
James Logan Member-Guest
Tye Lougheed Non-Member
Mathew Mampara Non-Member
James Mangus Non-Member
Ron Marotto Member-Guest
Robert Mason Member
Lori Mayfield Member
Brian McCallum Member
James McClain Non-Member
Steve McCoy Member-Guest
Randy McDaniel Member
Art McDole Member-Guest
Michael McMahon Member-Guest
Albert McMath Jr NESDIS attendee
Chad McNutt Non-Member
Joshua McSwain Member
Kay Metcalf NESDIS attendee
Rolin Meyer NESDIS attendee
Rob Middlemis-Brown Non-Member
john militzer NESDIS attendee
Boyd Miller Member-Guest
Boyd Miller Non-Member--Guest
Dan Miller Member-Guest
Rob Mooney Single Day - Member
Scott Morlock Non-Member
Dale Morris Single Day - Member
David Mueller Member-Guest
Jason Needham Non-Member
Douglas Neff NESDIS attendee
Robert Nelson Member
Jonathan Newby Non-Member
Rob Niedenzu Non-Member
Mike Norris Member-Guest
Tom Ogden Member-Guest
Tom Ogden Non-Member--Guest
Tye Parzybok Member
Tom Pegues Member-Guest
Marie Peppler Non-Member
Anna Perea Non-Member
Timothy Pojunas Member-Guest
james Porter Non-Member--Guest
Jim Porter Non-Member
Benjamin Pratt Non-Member
Duane Preble Member
Donald Queen NESDIS attendee
Elizabeth Quoetone Single Day - Member
Bill Read Non-Member
Patrick Reavey Non-Member
Letecia Reeves NESDIS attendee
Clifford Regensberg NESDIS attendee
Karl Rhynas Non-Member--Guest
Karl Rhynas Non-Member
Karl Rhynas Non-Member--Guest
Jack Riessen Non-Member
Markus Ritsch Member
R Chris Roark Member
Boo Robinson Non-Member
Larry Rodgers Non-Member
Garron Ross Member
John Rothenbuhler Non-Member
Isabelle Ruin Non-Member
William Runyon Member
P. Sales Member-Guest
David Sanford Non-Member
John Sanns Non-Member--Guest
John Sanns NESDIS attendee
Jassen Savoie Member-Guest
Michael Schaffner Member-Guest
Michael Scheffler Member
Lawrence Schick Non-Member
Paul Schlatter Single Day - Member
David Schwertz Non-Member
Michael Schwind Non-Member
Daniel Schwitalla NESDIS attendee
Sue Seawalt Member-Guest
John Shelton Member-Guest
Susan Shutty Member
Mary Smethers Non-Member--Guest
Ted Smethers Member-Guest
Chris Smith Member
Christopher Smith Non-Member--Guest
Duane Smith Non-Member
Mike Smith Non-Member
Brad St. Cyr Non-Member
Eugene Stallings Member-Guest
Kevin Stamm Non-Member--Guest
Kevin Stamm Non-Member
Kevin Stewart Member
Steven Stockton Non-Member
Gregory Story Member-Guest
Eric Strahan Member-Guest
Eric Strom Non-Member
Timothy Sutko Member-Guest
Mark Svoboda Non-Member
Jason Symonds Non-Member
Terry Temple Non-Member
Neal Thibodeaux Non-Member
Neal Thibodeaux Non-Member--Guest
Rick Thibodeaux Non-Member
John Thompson NESDIS attendee
Edward Tomlinson Member
Sam Utley Member
Suzanne Van Cooten Non-Member
Don Van Wie Member
Tom Vandall Non-Member
Steve Vandas Non-Member
Steve Vandas Non-Member--Guest
William Veatch Non-Member
James Verdin Non-Member
Kristine Verdin Non-Member
Baxter Vieux Member-Guest
Jean Vieux Member-Guest
Chris Ward Member-Guest
Brian Wardlow Non-Member--Guest
Brian Wardlow Single Day - Member
Jim Washburn Member
Joe Weaver Member
Ernie Wells Member-Guest
Larry Wenzel Member-Guest
Kevin Werner Student Member
Dale White Member
Melissa Widhalm Non-Member--Guest
Melissa Widhalm Single Day - Member
George Wilkins Member
Andrea Williams NESDIS attendee
Berry Williams Member-Guest
Weston Winegar Non-Member
June Wolfe Non-Member
Peter Woolner NESDIS attendee
Paul Yu NESDIS attendee
Jeffrey Zimmerman Member
Jeffrey Zogg Non-Member
Ken Zweig Non-Member
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