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Our vision is for all communities to effectively use hydrologic information and warnings to protect lives, property, and the environment.

Our mission is to provide education, training, and standards for the generation, delivery, and use of timely reliable hydrologic information."
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Wednesday Detailed Agenda (May 20, 2009)

--subject to change--



              7:00 am    to      5:00 pm    Registration (at registration desk)


              7:30 am    to      4:00 pm    Exhibition Open (Salon A/B/C/D/E)


              7:30 am    to      8:30 am    Continental Breakfast (Salon A/B/C/D/E)


           8:00 am    to    12:00 pm    NESDIS 111th Technical Working Group meeting (Sun Down)

                                                          Hosted by Kay Metcalf


           8:30 am    to     10:00 am    General Plenary Session 1 (Salon F/G/H/I/J)

                                                      Moderator:  Kevin Stewart 

                                                      NHWC Welcome, Kevin Stewart, NHWC President

                                                      Conference Welcome & Logistics, Chad Kudym, 2009 coordinator






"Future Directions of the Corps of Engineers Civil Works Program"


  Mr. Steven L. Stockton, P.E., Director of Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,

Washington, D.C.



"Tropical Cyclones and Floods - Some Observations Over the Past 40 Years"


  Mr. Bill Read, Director, National Hurricane Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration, National Weather Service, Miami, Florida


            10:00 am    to    10:30 am    BREAK (Salon A/B/C/D/E)

                                                          Sponsored by Campbell Scientific


         10:30 am    to    12:00 pm    General Plenary Session II (Salon F/G/H/I/J)

                                                          Moderator:  Brian McCallum, NHWC Vice-President





"Comprehensive Water Planning"


  Mr. Duane A. Smith, Director of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board and President of the

    Western States Water Council, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma





"When (Not If) the "Big One" Comes - What Then?"


  Mr.  Jack Riessen, P.E., Senior Technical Expert on Water Policy and Program Issues,

Iowa Department of Water Resources, Des Moines, Iowa





"Managing Water in the West"


  Mr. Michael Gabaldon, Director of Technical Services, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation,

Denver, Colorado


            12:00 pm    to      1:30 am    LUNCH (Colorado Ballroom)



                                                                                Moderator:  Glenn Austin, NHWC Executive Director



"Water Availability Issues in the Adjudication of Water Rights"


  Honorable Gregory J.  Hobbs, Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, Denver, Colorado



           1:30 pm    to     3:00 pm    Concurrent Session 1:  Exploring New Partnerships--Working

                                                          Together Towards Common Goals, Part I (Salon F)

                                                          Moderator:  Chris Crompton, NHWC Treasurer

                                                    Thomas Graziano-"National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's

                                                            Partnerships in AHPS Flood Mapping"

                                                    David Herlong-"Improving Flood Risks and Awareness in North


                                                    Tom Ogden-"Monterrey County, CA Wildfire Rehabilitation



           1:30 pm    to     3:00 pm    Concurrent Session 2:  Navigating the Technological Frontiers--New

                                                          Precipitation Forecasting Techniques, Part I  (Salon G/H)

                                                          Moderator:  Scott Morlock

                                                                       James Logan-"Real-time and Forecasted Gage-Adjusted Radar


                                                                       Gregory Story-"Assessment of the National Severe Storms

                                                            Laboratory's Next Generation Quantitative Precipitation

                                                            Estimation Products at the NWS West Gulf River Forecast




           1:30 pm    to     3:00 pm    Concurrent Session 3:  Navigating the Technological Frontiers--Data

                                                          Analysis & Modeling Techniques, Part I  (Salon I/J)

                                                          Moderator:  Glenn Austin, NHWC Executive Director

                                                                      Jacob LaFontaine-"Hydrologic Characteristics of Watersheds in the

                                                                                Chattahoochee River Basin and Atlanta, Georgia, 2003-2006"

                                                                    Douglas Hultstrand-"Improving Hydrologic Analysis and

        `                                                   Applications through the Use of Quality Controlled Radar

                                                            Data and the Storm Precipitation Analysis System"

                                                                    Tom Burnet-"High-Resolution Near-Real-Time US Land Surface

                                                                                Model with Radar Data Assimilation and Stream Routing"


           1:30 pm    to     3:00 pm    Concurrent Session 4:  Braving the Communications Wilderness--

                                                                            Communicating Flood Risk  (Game Creek)

                                                          Moderator:  Steve Fitzgerald, NHWC Director

                                                    Benjamin Pratt-"Strategies in Risk Communication:  Flood Inundation

                                                                            Maps in the Upper Susquehanna River Basin"

                                                                    Victor Hom-"National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's Flood

                                                                            Risk Communication"

                                                                    Berry Williams-"Changes are Coming-A New Way of Scoring Local

                                                                            Flood Warning Programs under the Community Rating System"


      1:30 pm    to     3:00 pm    Concurrent Session 5:  New Hydrologic Warning Direction--Drought

                                                          (Blue Sky)

                                                          Moderator:  George Wilkins, NHWC Director

                                                                    Michael Brewer-"Monitoring Drought in a Changing Climate"

                                                                    Christopher Smith-"Managing a Streamgaging Network During

                                                                            Extreme Drought Conditions"

                                                                    Mark Svoboda-"The National Integrated Drought Information System

                                                        (NIDIS):  Viewing Drought through a Portal"


               3:00 pm    to     3:30 pm    BREAK (Salon A/B/C/D/E) 

                                                          Sponsored by Campbell Scientific


           3:30 pm    to     5:30 pm    Concurrent Session 6:  Exploring New Partnerships--Flood Warning

                                                          System Success Stories, Part I  (Salon F)

                                                          Moderator:   Dan Miller

                                                                      Esteban Velez-"Expanding and Updating the INA-CIRSA Flash

                                                                                Flood Warning System"

                                                                        Jeff Lindner-"Hurricane Ike Impact:  Harris County ALERT System"

                                                                        Kent Frantz-"Installing Stream Gages in Flash Flood Prone Areas:

                                                                                A Success Story"

                                                                        Bob Blanchard-"Development of a Flood Warning System for Hot

                                                                                Springs, Arkansas"


           3:30 pm    to     5:30 pm    Concurrent Session 7:  Navigating the Technological Frontiers--Data

                                                          Quality Issues  (Salon G/H)

                                                          Moderator:  Marian Baker, NHWC Director

                                                                          Janice Fulford-"Water-Level Measurements with Radar:  Results and


                                                                           David Haynes-"True or False Security"

                                                                          Larry Bohman-"Collection, Quality Assurance, and Presentation of

                                                                                    USGS Precipitation Data"

                                                                          Markus Ritsch-"Douglas County, Colorado Flood Hazard Inventory



           3:30 pm    to     5:30 pm    Concurrent Session 8:  Braving the Communications Wilderness--Flood

                                                          Stories, Part I  (Salon I/J)

                                                          Moderator:  Gene Stallings, NHWC Consultant

                                                                            Michael Schaffner-"The June 19, 2007 Flash Flood:  An Extreme

                                                                                    Rainfall Event in Small Headwater Basins of the Catskill

                                                                                    Mountains, New York"

                                                                             George Wilkins-"The Poomacha Early Warning System:  Real-

                                                                Time Debris Flow Monitoring for Tribal Lands in San Diego

                                                                County, California"

                                                                             Steve Buan-"Verification and Post-User Analysis of the 95%

                                                                                    Confidence Interval Quantitative Precipitation Forecast River

                                                                                    Ensembles During the Summer Midwest 2008 Flood"

                                                                            Rob Middlemis-Brown-"Flood of 2008:   Recurrence Intervals and

                                                                                    Water-Quality Loads for Major River Basins in Iowa"


           3:30 pm    to     5:30 pm    Concurrent Session 9:  New Hydrologic Warning Direction--Climate

                                                          Change and Its Effects on Hydrologic Hazards  (Game Creek)

                                                          Moderator:  Ilse Gayl, NHWC Director

                                                                            Larry Schick-"Impacts of Atmospheric Rivers on Flooding in

                                                                                    Western Washington"

                                                                            Robert Kimbrough-"Atmospheric Rivers:  Relating Major Weather

                                                                                    Systems to Flooding in Western Washington"

                                                                            John Henz-"Drought or Wet Decades in Colorado:  Climate

                                                               Variability or a Case for Climate Change?"


           3:30 pm    to     5:30 pm    Concurrent Session 10:  Exploring New Partnerships--Hurricane

                                                          Threats  (Blue Sky)

                                                          Moderator:  Andrew Knaak

                                                                            Long Li-"Storm Surge Flood Hazards of Hurricane Katrina 2005"

                                                                            Jeff East-"Mapping Hurricane Inland Storm Tides"

                                                                            Jonathan Newby-"Floods in Eastern Florida from Tropical Storm

                                                                                    Fay, August 2008"

                                                                            Joel Lanier-"Inland and Coastal Flood Forecast Operations During

                                                                                    Northern Florida Land-Falling Tropical Cyclones"


           4:00 pm    to     5:00 pm    Exhibition Hall closed for cleaning


           5:30 pm    to     7:30 pm    Vendor Reception with door prizes!! (Salon A/B/C/D/E)


           7:30 pm    to   11:00 pm    Hospitality Suite Open

                                                                            Sponsored by Hydrolynx, Inc.










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