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Our vision is for all communities to effectively use hydrologic information and warnings to protect lives, property, and the environment.

Our mission is to provide education, training, and standards for the generation, delivery, and use of timely reliable hydrologic information."
Home2011 Conference Agenda--Monday

  Monday Detailed Agenda (May 9, 2011)

-subject to change-


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               TIME                                                 SESSION & ROOM
      8:00 am - 12:00 pm        ASFPM Certified Floodplain Managers Exam Refresher Training
                                                Room:  Capri
                                                Moderator:  Berry Williams
      8:00 am -   9:00 am        NHWC Executive Program Committee (EPC) Meeting
                                                Room:  St. Tropez
                                                Moderator:  Brian McCallum, EPC Chair
      9:00 am - 11:00 am        NHWC EPC Sub-Committee Joint Face-to-Face Meeting
                                                Room:  St. Tropez

                                                        Hydrology/Modeling & Analysis Sub-Committee
                                                            Moderator:  George Smith, Chair

                                                        Data Collection Sub-Committee/Dam & Levee Safety TWG
                                                            Moderator:  Curt Barrett, Chair

                                                        Hazard Communications & Public Awareness Sub-Committee
                                                            Moderator:  Scott Morlock, Chair

                                                        Standards & Guidance Sub-Committee/ALERT2 TWG
                                                            Moderator:  David Haynes, Chair

                                                        Training & Professional Development Sub-Committee
                                                            Moderator:  Sue Seawalt, Chair
    12:00 pm -   6:00 pm        NHWC Golf Scramble at  Historic
                                            Torrey Pines Golf Course
                                            (meet in hotel lobby at 11:00 am)
                                            Carpool to the course.
       1:00 pm -  6:00 pm        Pre-conference registration
                                                Location:  Foyer
       1:00 pm -  3:00 pm        EPC-Data Collection Sub-Committee meeting
                                                Location:  Portofino
                                                Moderator:  Curt Barrett
       1:00 pm - 3:00 pm         EPC-ALERT2 Technical Working Group meeting
                                                 Location: Capri
                                                 Moderator: Ilse Gayl
       3:00 pm - 5:00 pm         EPC-Dam & Levee Safety Technical Working Group meeting
Location: Portofino
                                                 Moderator: Gail Heath
      6:00 pm - 10:00 pm        NHWC Hospitality Suite open
                                                Sponsored by HydroLynx, Inc.
      6:00 pm - 10:00 pm        NHWC Board of Directors/EPC Planning Meeting
                                                Room:  St. Tropez
                                                Moderator:  Glenn Austin, NHWC Executive Director





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