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The National Hydrologic Warning Council offers multiple opportunities for promoting your business through our various outlets:

  • NHWC Transmission: The quarterly electronic newsletter of the NHWC provides a venue for communication of NHWC activities to its membership, along with articles of interest for the hydrologic warning community. The NHWC Transmission newsletter is made available to over 3,000 hydrologic warning professionals, community representatives, and services providers each month. To reserve advertising space in the NHWC Transmission please contact the Editor through email at:
  • NHWC Webpage: The website,, provides information to members and non-members, including photo and publication archives, links to real-time hydrologic monitoring networks worldwide, and routine updates of news items of interest to the hydrologic warning community. The webpages have nearly 3,000 discrete visitors each month and have both public and member level access. The member level access is for persons which a high level of interest in hydrologic warning activities that has promoted them to pay an annual membership fee. To reserve advertising space on the NHWC webpage, please contact
  • NHWC Conference Program: A printed and electronic copy of this program is created for each biennial conference and is distributed to each conference attendee and also made available on the webpages. Attendees levels for the past several conferences ranged from 250 to 350 persons. To reserve advertising space in the biennial conference program, please contact:
  • NHWC Mailing List. The comprehensive mailing list, including over 5,000 email addresses, is available for a one-time use. To rent the NHWC mailing list, please contact:

To purchase advertising, click on the "NHWC Advertising" link to the right. The link will take you to an "event" where you can go through the process of selecting which type of advertising you desire. If you run into problems, please contact

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